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Exams Academy is an educational entity which specializes in specialized trainings, educational audits, examinations, tests and certifications. The company is a part of Hubs Commercial Group. Hubs Commercial Group has its head office in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and branch offices in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Doha (Qatar) and Karachi, Pakistan. Exams Academy offers services in two distinct domains physical services and online services.
In offline services, we conduct educational audits of schools, colleges, universities and coaching / tuition centers, identify weak areas of students (and in some cases those of teachers) through most modern statistical analysis tools (such as SPSS), perform risks analysis (using TRIMS) and suggest ways and means to improve upon identified weak areas. We also take-on corporate training assignments only for some selected domains (to be quality compliant).
We have the required resources and experience to:

a. Conduct educational audit of your school, college or university.

b. Identify high-risk areas in your academic system and suggest mitigation actions.

c. Takeover your entire examinations department. You don’t have to maintain an examination department – We provide you examinations staff when ever required (at least 72 hours advance intimation is required).

d. Provide invigilators.

e. Arrange professionals to make external question papers for weekly, monthly, mid-term or annual examinations for over 500 different projects from over 50 domains and specialties.

f. Make surprise tests (based on a syllabus) and take external exams of your students.

g. Identify weak areas of your students and teachers through surveys, questionnaires and personal interviews.

h. Provide you teaching staff for short term durations.

i. Print stationary for your examination department.

j. Reproduce question papers (with 100% confidentiality).
Our online services includes conduct of mockup examinations and tests (in as realistic environment as possible) for a variety of English proficiency tests such as (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE), Aptitude tests (such as GRE, SATs, GMAT, ACT), Entry tests (such as HAAD, MCAT, ECAT, BCAT etc) and Professional tests (such as PMP, RMP, PFMP, PGMP, ACCA, PRINCE, CCNA, CITRIX, APM, CPD and PPM etc). We also have a facility to develop customized tests and examinations of any subject at any academic or professional level. As such we have more than 500 (foreign and locally qualified) teachers, professors, assistant professors, teachers, domain experts, retired military officers, educationists and officials who can design and implement any test in any field of arts, science and technology, including specialized subjects such as bio-medical technology or military technology.
Exams Academy also have a document repository where students, teachers and professionals can download books, Ebooks, essays, articles and other documents to prepare for tests, examinations and certifications. Some of the documents would help you to prepare yourself for a particular test, examination or certification and others could be for your day-to-day (or special) academic or intellectual needs. If you do not find the document you were looking for on our website, we can make a customized document for you. You can order either a hard or a soft copy of the required document. You can ask us to create notes to pass a particular test / examination, a presentation, article, term paper, book review, thesis, essay, paragraph, project report or contents for a website. You can chose length (volume) of the document in terms of pages or in terms of words. Documents can be delivered following any writing style and covering any subject, topic or knowledge area. You can provide us an outline or requirement document as well and we take full responsibility of the security and safe custody of the documents or any other information that you may provide us in this regard. You can fix a deadline for the delivery of the document and we will make sure that the deadlines are followed.

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