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Educational Audits

The purpose of an educatioal audit (also known as an academic audit) is to encourage departments or programs to evaluate their “education quality processes” – the key faculty activities required to produce, assure, and regularly improve the quality of teaching and learning. An audit asks how faculty approach educational decision making and how they organize their work, using the resources available to them and working collegially to provide a quality education in the best interests of the discipline and student learning. We conduct educational audits of educational institutions to identify weak areas and conduct an analysis of the collected data through most modern statistical analysis tools, perform risks analysis and suggest means to mitigate identified risks.

Examinations Department On Call

We can takeover your entire examinations department and/or provide you qualified staff on "as and when required basis". so that you don’t have to maintain an examination department all arround the academic year or academic cycle. We can provide invigilators, arrange professionals to make external question papers for weekly, monthly, mid-term or annual examinations for over 500 different subjects from over 50 domains and specialties, make surprise tests (based on a syllabus) and take external exams of your students; Identify weak areas of your students and teachers through surveys, questionnaires and personal interviews, provide you teaching staff for short term durations.

Corporate Trainings

We take-on carporate training assignments for a wide variety of domains, subjects, topics and knowledge areas of arts, business, science and technology; including highly specialized domains such as medical and military technologies. Our training programs include Sales Training, Service Training, Soft Skills Training, Product Training, Process Training, Leadership Training, Behavioral Training, Experiential Training and Learning Management System. Our solutions leverage the latest and most contemporary thinking and learning technologies to maximize ROI & Business impact. We have unmatched reach, network and cohort of “best-in-class” trainers to provide consistent and uniform training across specialities & levels.


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